A Few Words About Us

Gadgets and Technology Connection cc (GT Connection) is a Closed Corporation that was started in 2005. The founding member has over 25 years of related experience in Information Technology (IT) Sales, Services, Maintenance Contracts and IT Distribution.

The company is still relatively small in the South African environment but has grown substantially from its formation. We currently provide IT Services in Gauteng, Durban, Polokwane, Nelspruit, East London and Witbank.

GT Connection is focused on empowering the disadvantaged and as such have taken Black Empowerment in the work place seriously. Growing from the vision of the founder, we have strived to achieve Black Empowerment Equity (BEE) within the ranks of the company. This has finally been achieved and the company is currently a Level 1 BEE rated Company. GT Connection positions itself to be the single point of contact (SPOC) for all your IT requirements, from initial setting-up to continued supply of IT equipment and consumables. We are constantly updating our knowledge base to keep abreast of current market trends and technology in order to ensure that our customers always have the latest IT information available. Integrity, trust and our commitment to Service forms the basis of our founding principles and we will strive to meet these aspirations in all our future endeavors.


GT Connection will provide the highest service levels in the ICT industry through:

  • Understanding our customers’ requirements;
  • Providing quality products and solutions;
  • Benchmarking the latest technology trends;
  • Prompt service delivery;
  • Keeping our promise to “DOING I.T RIGHT THE FIRST TIME”, and Flexibility to accommodate our customers.

We will thereby become the :


GT Connection will be the TOP OF MIND IT solution provider through our RELIABLE SERVICE, AFFORDABLE PRICES, and WILLINGNESS to meet our customer’s expectations.


GT connection is dedicated to providing world-class ICT products, consulting services and solutions for business challenges across a wide range of industries which includes retail to the private and public sectors, financial services, hospitality and medical sectors.


Due to the relatively small size of GT Connection and the current company structure minimizes red tape in terms of:

  • Responding and flexibility to daily operations and callouts;
  • Minimal overheads, allows GT Connection to be more competitive with regards to pricing and service when compared to larger companies.
  • Service delivery and turnaround time is quick due to a streamlined supply chain and our location being close to our distributors;
  • GT Connection is a Level 1 BEE company;
  • Proven track record of delivery (service and product) with reputable customers;


GT Connection has access to IT support engineers that are internationally certified and accredited in various IT disciplines.

Maintenance Packages (Business)

GT Connection will provide peace of mind and eliminate the frustrations of faulty IT equipment. Downtime of ICT equipment can have a severe impact on productivity.

IT Hardware, Software and Networking Support

GT Connection has access to IT support engineers that are internationally certified and accredited in various IT disciplines.

Maintenance Offerings (Home / Soho)

These service offerings are intended to help the entrepreneur. We have maintenance offerings for the single PC home user.

Project Management

GT Connection has access to certified Practical Project managers who have experience in running IT projects across the board.

Local Area Networks (LAN) and WIFI Setup and Maintenance

LANs are very powerful to any home or business. We can setup a LAN for a very affordable fee; this will enable multiple users to use devices that are connected onto the network. We have experience in setting up LANs with connectivity to other devices.

Domain Registration and Hosting

GT Connection has partnerships with web hosting companies and can host a company’s domain and email at market related prices.

Information / Data Backup Management

GT Connection can assist to draw up backup processes and procedures for your business. Backup to External HDD/Flash Drive, backup to offsite HDD & Cloud Backup.

Contact Us

1 Marco Polo St,
Highveld, Centurion, 0157

012 665 1936 / 012 665 1941